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By bcwolfen - Posted on 28 May 2009

Discover Scuba – Pool

A New Discover Scuba Every Month

Discover ScubaFor those who want to test the waters, this is the course for you. The Discover Scuba Program gives you a glimpse into the underwater world as well as what you could expect to learn in the Open Water Scuba Diver Course.
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You will be shown the basic safety procedures for enjoyable scuba dives under the watchful eye of a certified instructor. You will learn skills like equalizing your ears, basic buoyancy control, and underwater communication. You will also be given an introduction to basic scuba equipment and scuba skills then have some fun applying what you have learned.
Once you have completed the Discover Scuba you are ready to take the next step and become an Open Water Diver.

Each session is approximately 1.5 hours in length and includes all necessary equipment.
Group rates are available for private groups and clubs. This is a great way to kick-off an office party or team-building session.

Cost $35 (+GST)

Learn to Snorkel

In the Discover Snorkel course you will learn the necessary skills such as:

  • Proper weighting
  • Fining techniques
  • Surfacing procedures
  • Ear equalizations techniques

When you successfully complete the course, you will be able to safely explore the shallow areas of your favorite body of water whether it is a beautiful azure ocean or a warm fresh-water lake. To continue your adventure you can enroll in the PADI Open Water Scuba Diver course.

Cost $35 (+ GST)

Add a guided snorkel dive in the Ocean. Visit a local snorkeling site to check out out the marine life. The price includes all snorkeling gear, wetsuit, hood, gloves, and boots.

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