By Shirley - Posted on 27 March 2012

Snorkeling is a water sport that can be enjoyed by the whole family - kids of all ages, Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa. The only prerequisite for snorkeling is that you have the desire to enjoy what Mother Nature has to show us beneath the surface of the water. You can observe underwater life in a natural setting without the training or advanced equipment required for scuba diving. It is an easy and inexpensive way to see more of the world we live in.

Snorkeling Equipment Essencials


Snorkel MaskA mask is probably the most import part of your snorkeling equipment. A good mask can greatly enhance the enjoyment of your underwater experience - a bad mask can be uncomfortable and a nuisance if it doesn't fit correctly. You can also get masks that have lenses that can be replaced with prescription lenses to help you see better. Store staff can help you find a mask that fits your face properly and meets your snorkeling needs.


SnorkelThe snorkel allows you to keep your head in the water and enjoy the underwater life non-stop. A good snorkel will have a comfortable mouthpiece, be flexible, and be as simple or advanced as you need. A straight snorkel is fine if you are comfortable in the water and find it easy to purge the water out of the snorkle. You may want a dry snorkel that keeps the water out of the snorkel so that you don't have to purge at all.


Open Heel FinsFull Foot FinsFins are not absolutely necessary for snorkeling, but you will find it easier to dive down and to move about if you do have them. Fit is the most important aspect of a good snorkel fin. Make sure they are snug enough that they don't rub your foot, but are not so tight that they will cramp your foot. You can get open heel fins with an adjustable strap, or full foot fins that go on like a boot; there are short blades and long blades. There are many to choose from, so just make sure they are comfortable.

Full Face Snorkel Mask

Full Face MaskHere is a great product for those recreational snorkelers who don't like water in their mask - the Head Full Face Snorkel Mask.

* Natural Breathing through mouth and nose
* Keeps Face Dry
* No mask fogging!
* No water in the snorkel tube

This is a great product to add to anyone's snorkeling adventure!

Other Equipment Ideas

    Mask defogg
    Ear shield
    Snorkeling vest
    Equipment bag
    Waterproof pouch
    Underwater camera
    Nneoprene mask strap
    Eco sunscreen
    Fin socks

Snorkeling equipment

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