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By bcwolfen - Posted on 21 May 2009

Keep Diving with Exciting Travel Opportunities

Nanaimo Dive Outfitters is your one stop shop for your next dive travel vacation. Whether you want to travel on your own or with a group, we work with the leading dive vacation specialist - Fly and Sea Dive Adventures - to help you find the right place, time, and price for that perfect vacation.

Nanaimo Dive Outfitters is always planning an exciting dive adventure somewhere around the world. Our group dive vacations are escorted by our professional instructors, so we do all the work and you have all the fun! Our dive trip schedule is planned well in advance and updated on a regular basis. For those wanting to stay closer to home, we offer weekend trips to places like Rendezvous and Browning Pass as well as day trips locally for both shore and boat diving, so.... when you're ready! Just follow the links below to a location that "wets your appetite", then email us or give us a call.


Bonaire – Buddy Dive
April 17-27
Trip Leader: Alissa Preston
Cost:$2,770 CDN

Bonaire is known as “the best shore diving in the world” and is a great place for divers of all levels to go and enjoy as many dives a day as you like. A vehicle is included – load up your tanks at Buddy Dive in the morning and dive some of the many shore diving sites available in the coastal marine park that surrounds the island. Conditions are consistently great for numerous shallow dives as well as several sheer walls. Airfare, accommodations, breakfast, vehicle, and all diving is included.

Socorro – Nautilus Belle Amie
June 17-27
Trip Leader: Faith Ortins
Cost:$3,999 + USD

On this unique trip, the emphasis is on EXPLORATION. Virgin dive sites, remote ocean pinnacles, blue water bait balls, plus the typical Socorro hot spots including Roca Partida and the Boilers. This trip is for the adventurous spirit! Mantas, sharks, and whales! Rebreathers are welcome!

Spitsbergen – Artic Circle
June 22-29
Trip Leader: Paul Holbrook
Cost: $4,799 + USD

Join DUI and Co-sponsors Wilderness Expeditions on an educational diving oriented adventure to the Arctic ocean around Spitsbergen. Dive, snorkel and cruise around massive icebergs, spot the endangered polar bear, and explore pristine polar landscapes. Your adventure will include lectures on diving medicine, dealing with medical emergencies in remote locations and coping with thermal issues in extreme environments.

Channel Islands California
Nov 9-15
Trip Leader: Faith Ortins
Cost: $1,399+ USD

Dive the Galapagos of North America – the Channel Islands. With amazing kelp forests, playful seals and sealions and a host of other animals, this trip is not to be missed. Aboard the Horizon, we will enjoy great customer service and food as well. Trip also includes a tour of DUI, DUI repair and training, and dinner with VP Faith Ortins.

Grand Cayman – Pirate Week
Nov. 10-19
Trip Leader: Shirley & Steve
Cost: TBA

Enjoy the fun and festivities of the island wide Pirate Week celebration in the Cayman Islands. Dive with our hosts at Indepth Watersports and enjoy the hospitality of Coconut Bay Condos. Each condo has a fully functioning kitchen, BBQ and a shared pool area. Vans are included if you want to go to town or for groceries. 2 boat dives a day are included and unlimited shore diving at one of the best shore dive sites of the whole island – turtle reef. Costumes are not required, but are certainly encouraged to help you fit in with the locals as they plunder and pillage their way through the daily activities. Non diving family members are also welcome.


Antarctic Peninsula
Feb 18 – Mar 3
Trip leader: Faith Ortins
Cost: $7,950 + USD

Join DUI and Wilderness Medicine on an educational diving oriented adventure to the Antarctic Peninsula. Dive, snorkel and cruise around massive icebergs, hang out with penguins and leopard seals, and explore pristine polar landscapes – all while learning more about medical issues unique to the polar regions. Your adventure will include lectures on diving medicine and physiology, underwater photography, glaciology, climate change, marine mammals, and more.

April(3 trips avail)
Trip leader: Paul Holbrook
Cost: $3,999+ USD

Explore the Land Below and the Land Down Under and experience weedy sea dragons, lush help forests, historic shipwrecks and colorful pinnacles laden with fish. This is a true adventure in a place few have seen. Ina addition to 6 days of diving, there will be multiple land excursions including 2-3 days of hikes and tours in some of Tasmania’s most beautiful national parks. Non diving family members are also welcome.

Roatan Honduras – Turquoise Bay
April 14-21
Trip leader: Shirley White
Cost: TBA

Enjoy the pristine blue waters and calm of the Caribbean while being spoiled at the lovely Turquoise Bay. The package includes 7 nights’ accommodations in a garden view room, all meals, 3 boat dives daily and 1 night dive, gear stowage, airport transfers, and complimentary kayaks, paddle boards, and horseback riding. Our partners at Fly and Sea are happy to help you with your air travel arrangements. Non-diving family members are also welcome.

Solomon Island Wreck Trek - Tak
Sept. 28-Oct. 9
Trip Leader: Shirley & Steve
Cost: TBA

Tec divers will enjoy this wreck intensive 10 day live aboard expedition aboard the vessel TAK, touring the islands around Guadalcanal exploring sunken WWII vessels. This trip includes 3-5 dives per day (depending and depth and dive times), gourmet meals, several tours of local communities, all transfers, 1 night stay in a hotel at the end of the trip, tour of the WWII museum in the capital Honoria. Rebreather tanks, sofnolime, O2 and helium are available at additional cost.

For more information on any of the travel adventures listed above or any adventures you would like us to help you arrange, please contact Shirley White, our Nanaimo Dive Outfitters travel coordinator.
We are pleased to partner with Vancouver based Fly and Sea Dive Adventures who have many years of travel experience and a worldwide network of fantastic places to dive. If we don’t have a trip going to where you want to go, Fly and Sea Dive Adventures can either help you find a dive trip already planned that you can join, or can help you organize a dive trip on your own.
We are also blessed to have a great drysuit supplier in DUI. In order to help you get out there and dive more and try their awesome equipment, they frequently plan dive trips that they invite our customers to join them on.

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