By Shirley - Posted on 10 August 2010

Thanks to our many new friends, students, and visitors for their kind words. It is important to us that you have a great experience diving our waters and visiting Nanaimo.


Great dives! Thanks to Iain. It is a whole different underwater world than ours.

Efic, Chris, and Sam


It is the best diving in our life. Thank you very much.

Iryna & Ole


Great dive experience - never in cold water before. Lots of things to see and Shirley was esceptional at showing us around. Very friendly and passionate about diving. Thanks again.

Dan & Shera


First time in cold water except in Holland. Cold was no problem with wetsuit. Great help and patience. Heaps of starfish, crabs, and small wildlife. Thanks.

Chris & Jose


My husband and I first went into the Dive Outfitters to purchase some snorkel gear for an upcoming trip and started talking to Shirley. Marc always wanted to try diving but I was very unsure about the whole thing and was even afraid to take lessons in the pool. But Shirley told us that she was very scared when she first started and how she never thought that she would be doing what she does now as far as diving is concerned. She took so much time with us and made me feel so welcome and comfortable that when we returned from our trip we signed up for diving class.

The class was fantastic. The classroom portion was well organized and started us thinking like divers. What to do if and why you would do certain things. And then it was off to the pool. Again, it was great. There were lots of instructors so that every student got the attention that they needed and we were made to feel comfortable with the gear and the water. The amount of time spent in the pool and classroom made us feel comfortable and safe to go to the ocean. The four dives that we had as students were great. We got to do all of our learned skills in the ocean so that we knew that we could do it "for real". And then the last dive was for fun. Again there were always several instuctors so no student was left on thier own and everything was done in a controlled and organized way.

We were always encouraged to learn and keep practicing. We learned that everyone started out as new divers and that they all have stories about the mistakes they made when they were learning. We felt comfortable to try things and if they didn't work then figured out how to solve the problem.

We loved the experience so much we were out diving again in two weeks and we had so many people come with us. And even though we weren't students we still had tonnes of support and help. No one has ever made us feel like we were a burden for not being experienced. Everyone who is involved with diving is so enthusiatic and just wants to share thier sport. It was a great dive and we went back and purchased our own gear so we can dive more often. Because of the class and the wonderful insturctors and dive masters that were involved we now have a whole new world to explore.

Thanks everyone!

Angela and Marc
Port Alberni


Just wanted to say thanks to Shirley and the gang at Nanaimo Dive Outfitters.
I had to fly from Toronto to Parksville taking a course for work and wanted
to do some diving on the west coast. Your shop was very easy to deal with.
Not only did I rent a set of tanks and some lead, I was able to join your
group on a local shore dive. The dive was excellent and really hit the spot -
and also cured some jet lag. I will be out again in the fall for another
course and will come a couple of days early to get in some more diving. My
Ontario dive buddies are already discussing a dive trip out your way in the
future. Your hospitality was very much appreciated.
Thanks again,



Just wanted to say thanks to Shirley and the Nanaimo Dive Outfitters. I called a couple of shops in the area and Shirley was able to easily accommodate my needs. Shirley rented me her tanks and offered that I join her group on a local shore dive. This was my first time Diving on the west coast and I am thoroughly impressed with the diving and the people. I will be out again and will take a couple of extra days to do some more diving.
Thanks again.



I would just like to say thank you to Shirley and the Nanaimo Outfitters for accommodating me with fills. I went over to the island mid week for some diving and when I showed up at the shop she had all the air storage tanks apart as they were changing them and it was going to take a while to get them all back together.

Anyway I could not wait that long so she says to give her 10 minutes and she goes into the back. Lots of banging and loud noises and well, the tanks got filled and I was a happy customer I think she had a manual pump back there and filled them by hand

Dove Madrona and Wall Beach. 70'+ vis, 10 wolf eels in two dives. I even got to scooter beside a swimming wolf eel for about a minute and a half before it went into its' den, SWEEEEET

So again, thank you Shirley for all you efforts in making my dive trip a successful one.



Thanks for a fantastic dive, and with all your help. I hope to come back next year for more dives.



It was heavy but worth doing this. I was lucky to have a great master diver next to me who made it possible to take the first foreign dive.



Thank you Shirley and Richard and the crew for the fun time at the bottom. Was a great experience for me.



Thank you very much Shirley and Richard, I had a fantastic time diving with you and I hope my diving career exceeds my and your expectations.



Thank you Shirley and Richard. I had a great time in the water. I learned a lot and can't wait to use my skills I learned. Top notch facility and teachers.



Dear Shirley and Gerald
We wanted to thank both of you for the lovely dives that you have arranged for us. Your kindness and professionalism are astonishing. Thank you.

Roei and Avia

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