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LIGHTS Light up your dive world

Water absorbs light, and light levels drop quickly the deeper you go. The colors disappear under water in the same order they appear in the color spectrum so reds are lost first followed by orange and yellow.

It is amazing how many creatures blend into the background when you lose color. You can miss so much, but with a good light you can see the colors, and where there is color there is life.

Dive lights have changed a lot in the past few years - they have gotten smaller, lighter, and brighter.

We are happy to carry the full line of Big Blue dive lights from 250 lumens up to as much as 30,000 lumens. We also carry lights from Light Monkey and Hollis.

Dive lights available

  • Small backup lights
  • Primary hand held lights 
  • Primary long lasting cannister lights
  • Video lights

Hand held lightDive LightTech lightVideo Light