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MEMORIALS Scattering of Ashes at Sea

MemorialsScattering of Ashes at Sea

The coast of Nanaimo and the surrounding area provides scenic shores to visit and remember your loved one with a scattering of ashes. Your trip may be attended by up to 10 family and friends.

The boat will travel at a leisurely pace to a pre-determined site around Nanaimo. There, with the boat at rest, the family may conduct whatever type of memorial service they feel appropriate. They can have clergy conduct a brief ceremony, music can be played, individual personal memories may be expressed, or any other form of reflections on the deceased.

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A platform at the back of the boat provides a place to easily release ashes, biodegrable urns, flowers, or any other environmentally friendly items chosen for the memorial of your loved one. The crew will assist where needed to ensure a safe and thoughtful release. After the ashes are released, the Shepherd will circle the memorial site until the loved ones have paid their respects and are ready to return to Nanaimo.

Shortly after the service, the family will receive a memorial certificate with the GPS coordinates where the ashes were released.

We offer coffee, tea, and water for all passengers aboard the Shepherd. If you would like other refreshments for your group, you are welcome to bring your own, or we would be happy to work with a local caterer of your choice to ensure your food and/or drinks are delivered and safely stored. We can provide a cooler and ice to store perishables if desired.